Colmar Original Store-Giraldi Associates

September 2, 2014

Located in the heart of Berlin, close to Alexander Platz, the new Colmar Originals store welcomes the historical Italian brand in a location that reflects the fierce and sporty clothing line of its collections.

The space, designed by Giraldi Associates Architects, accurately represents the brand’s style, through a simple but never banal design. Outside the original structure has been preserved: the door and the frame made of black steel hide the store, partially disclosed thanks to the window.

A touch screen it has been installed in the window to allow customers to see the new collections of the brand. The store inside, is like a veranda with big white opaque back-illuminated windows where it seems that the clothes look out to the cosmopolitan world.

The fixtures, realized in varnished black wood – make the products stand out and oppose themselves to the bright container niches of the opposite side. On the ceiling, the use of the track lighting introduces more light into the space; on the other hand, the floor is completely covered by a resin that makes it seem like cement.

Behind the sales counter, which is made of white shiny varnished wood, there is an unexpected glass wall filled with an explosion of elegantly twirling feathers lit with RGB lights. Additionally this wall hides the fitting rooms.

The opening of this store marks the beginning of a new adventure for Colmar Originals which has deci- ded to partner with Giraldi studio for the launching of new stores in Italy and abroad.

•General Contractor Artekno –

• Forniture Asso spa –

• “Ione” Spotlight Reggiani Illuminazione –

• Lit Screen Monitor with interactive wrap Samsung –

Client: Colmar Originals

Project: Giraldi Associates

Architects Place: Berlin,Germany

Sqm: 80

Photos: Pietro Fantoni

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