Dia Color by group DCA

October 12, 2017

Dia Color : With specializing in handcrafted jewel piece , this is one of the finest contemporary jewellery designers in India, that possess a unique character and personality of their own. Every inch, every cut is skillfully crafted by some of world’s most gifted artisans.

With a one of its kind flagship store at the Emporio Mall in New Delhi designed by group DCA, the store attempts to create a new benchmark in the design of retail stores. Enabling a contemporary approach to the traditional jewellery retail format of sitting across the table, the 1800 sq. ft. space has been designed and planned with an emphasis on creating private zones for transaction.

Customers don’t just get attracted by amazing jewellery collection, they need more than that and to drag them into the store; the overall decor of the store is essential. Unless the jewellery collection is displayed in an organized and attractive manner, browsing typically becomes tedious, more so for the exclusive pieces.

Keeping these factors in mind, group DCA have elegantly designed niche displays that look subtle, yet maintain the overall rich look of the store, while showcasing the jewellery pieces.

At the same time, the customers are led into a virtual circulation that facilitates ease of browsing the jewellery from close quarters, yet maintaining security with elegance. The strong room is located unusually in the center of the boutique; hence creating 2 private zones for selling on either side of the store.

The materials used are very light and basic in nature, reminiscent of the old lime stone plaster which is accentuated with black and gold in small dosage. The mirrors in the ceiling add a new dimension to the boutique.

Project Title :   Dia Color Store

Project Location :  Emporio Mall , New Delhi

Principal Architects :   Amit Aurora and Rahul Bansal

Design Team :   Surabhi Mehta

Site Area :  103 sq.m.

Completion Date :   2017

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