Eltes Co.Ltd by Canuch

April 26, 2017

Eltes Co.Ltd- Based in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo, Eltes Co., Ltd. is a risk management company specializing in risk detection through big data analysis and total risk management for the digital domain. With the relocation of its office, Eltes wanted to created a new workplace that reflected its brand image.

We designed an office for Eltes that makes both staff and visitors aware of the firm’s drive to develop and innovate, its commitment to new technology and expertise, and most importantly, creates an atmosphere of discretion and trust—qualities that are essential for the specialized business of risk management.

The key words in our design concept were “professionalism” and “innovation.” We conveyed professionalism through a scientifically precise attention to detail, and we conveyed innovation through the use of light, creating a high-tech atmosphere that makes people feel as if they have stepped into the near future.

In the visitor lobby, we used tough materials and embedded logos to convey reliability. Moving from the entrance through the corridor, there is a visual contrast acting to divide the space. At the end of the corridor is the meeting room; here, we created a dignified space which gives speakers’ words a sense of gravitas.

To reduce the need for excess movement, in the work space there is a straight line of sight from the visitor lobby, past the work area, and through to the company lounge. Along this path are areas for collaboration, including meeting zones, booth seating, and spaces for office equipment. Designed with practicality and maneuverability in mind, the layout is intended to inspire new ideas and innovations.

Architect Information

Company name : 「Yosuke Kinoshita+Yusuke Noguchi / Canuch」

URL : http://canuch.com/

Credit Information

Interior designer : Canuch Inc.

Photographer : Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Project Outline

Location : Tokyo – Japan

Date of Completion : 2017/02/19

Principal Use : OFFICE

Structure : steel-framed reinforced concrete structure

Total Floor Area : 945.45㎡(10173.042sq.ft.)6F

Material Information

Floor : Porcelain tile / PVC floor tile / Tile carpet

Wall : Glass / Paint / Wallpaper / Marker board film

Ceiling : Paint

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