GeoEdge by Samuelov Studio

February 2, 2017

GeoEdge offices in Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv, interplays closed and open spaces  in a way that reflects the company spirit .

The Space

Our underlying design strategy was to disperse designated closed rooms throughout the floor, to create open work extensions which enjoy a measure of intimacy to reinforce the “team” spirit of specific outfits.

The creation of surrounding large windows allows for ultimate utilization of natural daylight in the interior, sending a message of transparency and openness that enhances human interaction and strengthens GeoEdge’s corporate culture.

We have placed the kitchenette and lounge complex at the junction of the two major traffic arteries of the area, in order to facilitate its visibility from every remote point, enabling eye contact and advancing human encounters.

To complement the floor’s design strategy, we’ve created the ceilings lighting grid as streaks of floating light markers, guiding lines of sight and steering steps to every corner of the area.

Look & Feel

The tangible selection mix of concrete, wood and colored acrylic creates a space that integrates the sobriety of cyber enforcement and quintessential dynamism and FUN of an aspiring Hi-Tech company.


Choosing relatively simple materials, dismissing extravagant “decor”, was not only a budgetary constraint, but also an ideological one, reflecting the company’s spirit.

Lightweight acrylic partitions framed in different colors, provide a measure of privacy for team members who occupy the open spaces, producing a powerful visual icon.

Their colorful presence stands the more so out against the unassertive and minimal background color scheme of the entire area.

The consequential cooperation with Studio LUKA, the project’s graphic designer, added a significant layer of color, vitality and thematic content, charging the whole area with vibrant energies.


Design – Samuelov Studio

Graphic design – Studio Luka

Photography – Yoav Peled

Construction – Tidhar

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