Hair Studio „Táňa Kmenta“ designed by Muon

April 1, 2014

Hair Studio „Tana Kmenta“ is seated in a building by Bohuslav Fuchs and Ernest Wiesner. It is located next to show room DNB which is created by the same architect Jiří Zhoř in 2008. Both projects are symbiotically related, but different.The space has an attractive position in the corner with large display windows.The main consideration was to divide the zones and create an elevated podium/stage (level patio) which can be visible from the outside. To create a space where hairstylists can be seen carrying out their creations, the active section and the place to perform.Elevated podium is intersected by large mirrors which are supported with concrete blocks and basic lighting. The concrete blocks in a contrast with smooth stainless surface of the floor and mirrors further enhance elevated look.While the zone for cutting hair is visible from the street, the space with the reception and for washing hair have cosy atmosphere.The concept of furnishing is a solitary. All furniture and equipment are costume made. The principal materials are black steel, concrete block panels, old wood beams and glass mirrors.The moving table is made out of 200 years old wood beams.The reception is made from steel construction with concrete blocks same as weights under the mirrors.The important element is a functional basin with different shelves for hair chemicals.Minimalistic black reflectors evoke a feeling of theatre atmosphere.The building of the bank is unique thanks to its construction from reinforced concrete what was innovative in the time of its development in 1930.One of the aspirations of the project was to show off the basis of the building and its constructional principles. The atmosphere of the interior was soften by light white spraying what also created calmness and helped new elements to stand out in their real proportions and materials.


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