Ibirapuera Apartment by FC Studio

March 29, 2017

Ibirapuera Apartment- An important view of the park designed by Niemeyers and large spatial integration, those  elements were the starting points for the design of  Ibirapuera´s apartment.

The integrated rooms, which occupy part of the original terrace, forming a large space containing furnishings chosen and/ or developed by FCstudio.

The chromatic dimensions and language of each piece have been established  during the project in order to create  an coherent  atmosphere with the sensations persued in each environment: comfort, functionality, informality and intimacy.

A horizontal shelf  designed in  noguera and pau-ferro wood identifies the TV room and expands the space. The lunch room is bounded only by a winery that serves the dining room.

The outdoor living area is integrated with the rest of the apartment through the sliding doors and condenses all functions in one mobile: a wood and stone table.

Designed and executed by FC studio, this piece has different heights, thicknesses and support it becomes as needed and promotes social integration requested by customers.

The design of each piece dialogues with others and contributes to a contemporary spatiality of possibilities.

Year: 2014
Location: Ibirapuera, SP, Brazil
Area project: 462m²
Photos: Pedro Kok

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