Kids Club by Sophie Jacqmin

August 29, 2016

Kids Club – Interior designer and architect Sophie Jacqmin creates, in collaboration with Barrière Group, three kids clubs: Hotel Le Majestic in Cannes, Hotel Les Neiges in Courchevel, which will open at the end of the year and the recently renovated Hotel Le Normandy in Deauville.

Sophie Jacqmin’s kids clubs combine elements from a child’s reality, their dreams and fantasies, bringing both of these worlds together. Like in a movie script, each architectural project is of variable geometry: treated as a travelling studio in which kids can come together during their stay at the hotel, just like a group of friends on holiday.

With characteristics of humour and poetry, these spaces encourage kids on holiday to create and take part in an adventure where they can discover and imagine together.

Kids are able to comfortably relate and settle into this environment with ease where they are able to develop their creative personalities and invent their own stories.

Sophie chooses to shake up the codes of the conventional kid’s world in hotels  by offering them an edutainment – an interactive and emotional approach where everything becomes a source of games, stories and learning.

The playful worlds of cinema and cartoons are the mediums that bring all of these ideas together.

Furniture inspired by these worlds is present throughout such as wardrobe trunks, flight case tool boxes, a travelling workshop table, hanging tin lamps, artist’s trailer, a huge carpet in the style of a story board… Sophie Jacqmin seeks to create spaces that allow for kids to bring their ideas to life combining the real world with the world of dreams and share them with their peers.

She, in association with Barrière Group, opens up a world for kids by combining adventure, dreams, creation and playfulness, a theme present in many of her kid’s club projects.

Photo credit- Francis Amiand

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