Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atelier by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

November 12, 2017

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atelier: Renowned for his eclectic yet stylish interior design, Martyn Lawrence Bullard unveils to the world his brand new showroom and store on Melrose Avenue, based just below his current design studio. A long held desire for Bullard, opening a showroom presented the perfect opportunity to showcase his diverse designs in one place, giving a true picture of his aesthetic and design inspirations.

The inaugural showroom is to act not only as a showroom for designers and customers, but will also serve as an exhibition space for his expansive clientele to view fabrics, furniture and accessories for use in their own interiors or projects.

The space will house Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s own fabric and wallpaper lines – namely with Schumacher and Palm Springs fashion designer Candice Held.

Bullard aims to provide a ‘touch and feel’ experience with regards to bedding and mattresses, different to that of shopping online or in magazines, something that he believes is indispensable when investing in luxury items.

The Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atelier offers a window into Martyn’s world, maximizing exposure to his collections but in a way that feels like a true interior.

Wallpapers define the different spaces, mixing and matching colors and patterns of  fabrics, furniture and  interior accessories as Martyn does in his own eclectic designs.

The showroom also features a refreshment bar area where customers are invited to relax and have a coffee, and designers can meet with clients.

Similarly, the lighting design and chandeliers reflects that of a home, rather than the often harsh spotlights of a showroom, to give a real feel of how his furniture pieces and accessories might feel in a domestic setting.

Choice pieces from Martyn’s own line include hand-blown Murano glass chandeliers; the ‘Cher’ sofa which was originally designed for the singer’s Malibu home and later added to his permanent collection; ‘Tropicana’ a hand-painted wallpaper which captures the tropical nature of the 1940s; and finally the glamorous ‘ Hollywood’ porcelain ollection for H aviland Limoges.

The showroom also features store exclusive items including the accessories and furniture collections as well as photography collections and jewellery.

The Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atelier offers a wonderful insight into the cool and sexy mind of the renowned designer. Yet the multi-functional showroom also offers a refreshing new shopping experience, creating the perfect environment for clients to peruse and purchase luxury home items.

Project name :   Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atelier

Project location :   8550 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Design company :   Martyn Lawrence Bullard design,

Interior Designer(s) :   Martyn Lawrence Bullard

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