Milky mirage by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

May 15, 2017

Milky mirage- The following interior design was realized for a store selling dairy products owned by a company which runs its own dairy farm. Since the distinctive characteristic of their products is the fact that fresh milk produced at the dairy farm is used in each and all of their products, we were tasked with providing a space to attractively display said products by evoking the imagery associated with fresh milk and the farm throughout the entire space.

Therefore, we sought to deploy throughout the entire space the lively vital energy of fresh milk and the forest surrounding the farm on which milk cows are raised.

The counter at the front of the store sets the tone for the space with its white fluid appearance. This shape is an abstract representation of the lively expressivity of milk; a fluid that creates beautiful sparkling ripples.

The changes created by reflective materials confer abundant expressivity to the light, which glows with organic vitality, while dynamically diffusing the energy of fresh milk.

Inspired by the loving care with which each product on sale is crafted, we proposed a design bearing the hallmark of handcrafted work using a special paint on the walls and fixtures to impart abundant expressivity to the store.

By drawing energetic patterns with milky tones on the store walls and applying a white, green and brown color gradation produced by the resonance between the farm’s trees and milk on the fixtures, we sought to give our design the dynamic chaotic beauty and the vibrant force of nature.

The store’s fixtures feature flowing wavy lines expressing the freshness and vitality of milk that create a warm and soft atmosphere, gently enfolding the persons facing them.

Interestingly, the parts of the shelves that are closer to the fingers handling the products appear to depict gentle, organic wavy contours, which are intended to obtain a lovable design that customers want to touch, while fostering a feeling of intimacy between them and the products on display.

These features contribute to send out a strong image as a store seeking to make high quality products while lending the space the dynamism of fresh milk and the natural setting of the farmstead serving as a backdrop for said products.

Project Name: Milky mirage

Design Firm: Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

Design Team : Moriyuki Ochiai, Wakana Sujishi, Marina Masuda

Use: Retail store / Cafe

Area : 45sqm

Location: Okinawa Japan

Client :  Dream Dairy Farm

Constructor: Yamatempo

Special Paint : Osamu Yamaguchi

photo: atsushi ishida

Completion : April 2017

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