Mingle Mangle Holder

October 30, 2012

The mingle-magle holder and its three slots offers enough place for recollections: photos, paintings, treasured memories.

Mingle magle slot for memories by German designer Herr Mandel.

A young designer to have successfully presented works under the name “Herr Mandel”in the local design markets in 2o11.

By equipping it as a holder becomes a true piece of art.

With the demand to unite design, art and craft Herr Mandel creates products that satisfy her own various needs and to meet the high expectations of the customer

Designer hasĀ  achieved her first success with the nomination to the 18 best new design talents in 2012 of the magazine Architektur &Wohnen (A&W).


The rail is made out of untreated oak and is available in three dimensions: 20, 40 and 60 cm.


Designer: HerrMandel

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