Moksha by Untitled Design

May 30, 2017

Moksha- Mind, Perception and Personality space- An apartment of 2012 sq.ft. located in South Delhi needed to be transformed into a space with a new identity that could mix elegance and glamour with comfort, as requested by the clients: a couple and their six-month-old twins.

Passionate about art and design, the clients asked for the developing of a single level residence into a place of vibrancy and allure; for this reason, the aim of the works was to create a new organization of the spaces, defining the areas but not separating them.

The apartment is accessed on a small foyer, created as a buffer zone to the main living area.  An Installation that separates this area from the dining room was customized using a Sanjhi, a local craft from Mathura by its artist inspired by the miniature details combine with a solid wooden plank finished in Danish oil and suspended by an antique pitted copper panel.

As in this case, also other sculptures and art pieces by emerging and established artists are used within the apartment, highlighting the connection between the local and traditional culture with the contemporary taste.

The floor area of the lounge, the dining room and the living room, is paved with“Unito” a matt finished Italian limestone with a grainy and polished texture; alone existing pillar adjacent to the family lounge was included on the main wall by re-sculpturing it into a striking wall, creating a large opening between the lounge and the dining room.

Here, the sandstone wall, inspired by the ancient Japanese art of the origami, becomes the focal point of the dining and living area, creating with its multifaceted surfaces, geometric patterns with lights and shadows.

The dining table is realized with a combination of ‘horn’ overlay and reflects the sculptured copper suspended lights that recall the mind to natural and flower shapes.

The Focal Point of drawing room is a painting selected from clients collection, ‘Shiva’ Complementing the spiritual mindset of clients, Carefully composed with furniture pieces to complement the Aura of the room. A daybed in lime wash is a part of carefully selected artistic furniture.

Each of the three bedrooms is equipped with private bathrooms and the master suite includes a walk-in wardrobe and sophisticated interior details. These include the high headboard, a dresser decorated using the ancient technique of Silver Leaf and handles specially sourced from jewelers in Jaipur with the combination of Malakite, Pearls and Jade.

All furnitures are designed and manufactured in-house as per the requirement given by the clients. The house is equipped with energy efficient devices keeping in mind the client’s sensitivity towards energy conservation.  All openings are sealed with environ-seal and laminated security glasses to maintain the internal desired temperature and LED lighting systems for the optimization of the energy conservation.

Typology: Residential

Name of Project: Moksha

Location: New Delhi

Principal Architect: Mrs Amrita Guha

Design Team:

Site Area (sq ft & sq m):

Built-Up Area (sq ft & sq m): 2012 sq ft

Start Date: July 2010

Completion Date:  September 2012

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