Musk & Moss Salon – Jakob Gomez

July 24, 2014

MUSK AND MOSS located in San Pedro Garza García, México, is a new concept focused in image assessment, style and personal care, giving an exclusive service for men.

Our concept is inspired on a primitive cave, the interior atmosphere revives classic men barbershops where a connection between the client, surroundings, and other activities is encouraged.


We designed each working station based on three elements; mirrors with perimeter LED light, in black stainless polished steel, in combination with a wooden salam drawers which SERVE as useful work tables with multiple outlets for barber accessories.

The space is mainly made of two materials: polished concrete and granite, a material that holds its own unique composition on its vein patterns. These materials divide the space in different areas, granite defines the reception and working station and polished concrete bounds the hair washing and accessories showcase area.

We thought the reception to be more of an open space where people could interact directly with everyone without any interruption. A waiting couch was designed in leather with the purpose of spreading its particular scent and inspire a living room sensation along with a guitar for anyone to play his own guitar riffs.

Our graphic design concept is merely based on hand drawings. The sketches communicate the style and primitive essence of the space. It focuses on the idea that each customer is a work of art whereas the stylist is the artist.



Project type: Hair Salon

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Year: 2014

Size: 48m2

Client: Musk and Moss

DesignTeam: Tatiana Posadas, Damian Flores, Mariana Narváez

Financie director / Construction management: Berenice Gomez

Construction supervision: Carolina Basurto ,Daniel Hernandez.

Photography: GroovyChaos

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