Private Chalet in Courchevel by Sybille de Margerie

November 21, 2017

Private Chalet: Dreamy palaces, hotels particuliers, the best addresses in the whole world; with elegance and rigour, Sybille de Margerie has forged an exceptional path with ambitious projects. For twenty-five years, the interior architect has weaved natural predilections in the heart of an exceptional culture where the made-to-measure rules supreme.

This invaluable savoir-faire shared with a 20-person team of collaborators has formed the reputation of an internationally renowned studio where creativity never stops reinventing itself and Private Chalet in Courchevel is one of the project which elaborates her creative concepts and uniqueness.

Her innate sophistication, furthered by a strong personality and bold taste, allowed the interior architect, trained at the esteemed Ecole Boulle to assert her own sense of luxury and service to highly exclusive projects.

“I like the balance between tradition and modernity, I attach a great importance to fluidity of spaces, light and comfort. My work is equally highlighted by the attention to detail, the choice of materials and the harmony of colours”: Sybille de Margerie.

Entrance, Ground Floor: – 1). Wooden wall panelling- Tinted, varnished walnut 2). Metal artwork- Client’s private collection 3). Armchairs- Christophe Delcourt 4). Light fixture above armchair- ‘Colette’ by Promemoria 5). Pillows on armchairs- Moore & Giles, Satin and suede.

Hallway Detailing: – 1). Wall covering- Bespoke patina 2). Light fixture- Heathfield Andromeda 3). Flooring- Walnut.

Sauna, Massage, Ground Floor: – 1). Flooring and walls (sauna), Mosaic, 2). Wall covering (massage) – Leather 3). Massage table – Bespoke design.

Living Room Detailing: – 1). Fireplace detailing – Bespoke design 2). Bar – Bespoke design, Backlit natural stone 3). Bar stools – ‘Luxor’by Billiani 4). Sofa Meridiani 5). Cushions ‘Caleido’ by Zimmer & Rodhe.

Staircase: – 1). Staircase, floor: 1). Walnut and bleached brushed oak 2). Star blinds – Karine Drasik 3). Light fixtures- Areti, Hand blown crystal.

Bedroom 1, First floor: – 1). Curtains- ‘Arlequin Momentum’ by Zoffany 2). Bed- ‘Lewis Up’ by Meridiani 3). Rug- Sabine De Gunzburg, Bespoke design, 100% silk 4). Lounge chairs- ‘Bug’ by Poliform 5). Wall covering- Bespoke design, design by SDM, Velvet, bleached oak and brass 6). Bedside table – Riga by Porada, Solid walnut.

Bedroom 2, First floor: – 1). Curtains- Stars’ by Dedar 2). Armchairs- ‘Febo’ by Maxalto & fabric by Dedar 3). Rug- ‘Galets’ by Sabine De Gunzburg, 100% Silk 4). Bed- Lewis Up’ by Meridiani. 4). Bedside table- Sybille de Margerie, Brushed bleached oak and leather 5). Cushions- ‘Arlequin’ by Pierre Frey & Zoffany 6). Wardrobe- Bespoke design, Brushed bleached oak 7). Light fixtures above bedside table- Kubric’ by Contardi, Glass and bronze.

Bedroom 3, First floor: – 1). Headboard- Bleached brushed oak 2). Bed linens- Plaid by Creations Metaphores, Mohair wool 3). Bedside table- ‘Sign 45’ by Lema 4). Wall light above bedside table- ‘Messalina’ by Contardi 5). Cushions- ‘New York’ by Zimmer & Rohde and Pierre Frey 6). White ornaments on coffee table- Gilles Caffier 7). Sofa- ‘Rythme’ by Roche Bobois, fabric by Missoni 8). Round side table ‘Lollipop side table’ by Karl Andersson 9). Pouf- Maxalto, upholstered with orange cow hide.

Family Rom R1 Basement: – 1). Wall covering – Walnut 2). Sconces ‘Chimere’ by Pouenat, brass patinated bronze 3). Console- Jerome Abel Seguin, Black burnt lychee wood and Javanese mahogany root 4). Table- Gilles Hoang Creation, Marquetry, Bespoke design 5). Bar stools- ‘Musa’ by Maxalto upholstered with goat hide 6). Ceiling light in the background- ‘Plein soleil’ by Pouenat, Textured plastic dome, antique bronze and brass 7). Flooring- Walnut.

Dining Room Area of the Living Room, 2nd Floor: – 1). Round dining table- ‘Tornasole’ by Promemoria, Ebony and bronze 2). Curtains- ‘Hodsoll oushak’ by Zimmer & Rohde 3). Light fixture above dining table- Core, Glass and gold-plated brass 4). Rug- ‘Disc 1’ by Tai Ping 5). Dining chairs- John Hutton, Leather and fabric 6). Game table- Bruno De Caumont, Bespoke design 7). Dining chairs ‘Bilou Bilou’ by Promemoria 8). Light fixture above game table- Henge, Brushed bronze.

Living Room, 2nd floor: – 1). Fireplace- Bespoke design 2). Rug- ‘Ivanovo’ Tai Ping 3). Cream sofas- Meridiani 4). Cushions on sofas- Dedar and Zimmer & Rohde 5). Standing lamps- ‘Georges’ by Promemoria, Hammered bronze 6). Lamps on consoles- ‘Elisabeth’ by Promemoria, Hammered bronze 7). Curtains- ‘Hodsoll oushak’ by Zimmer & Rohde 8). Coffee table- Promemoria, Leather-topped 9). Armchairs- ‘Liu kuoio’ by Meridiani, Leather and fabric.

Master bedroom, 3rd Floor: – 1). Flooring- Tinted Oak 2). Coffee table- ‘Riviere’ by Galerie Negropontes, Royal ebony, patinated ink and brass 3).Sofa- ‘Dorian’ by Promemoria 4). Standing light- ‘Kidman’ by Meridiani 5). Yellow rug- ‘Lagune’ by Tai Ping, 100% silk 6). Desk- ‘Theo’ by Promemoria – Oak, leather and bronze 7). Desk armchair- ‘Isotta’ by Promemoria,

8). Lamp on desk- ‘Up desk’ by Contardi 9). Curtains- Bisson Bruneel 10). TV- Bespoke design 11). Bed- ‘Wanda Letto’ by Promemoria, linen by IDO 12) White ottoman- ‘Ginger’ by JNL 13). Headboard Bespoke, Burnt wood 14). Mirror- ‘Ingrid’ by Promemoria, bronze and Dedar fabric 15). Ottoman- ‘Ginger’ by JNL 16). White wardrobes- Bespoke design, Bleached brushed oak.

Master Bath room: – 1). Mirrors- Bespoke design 2). Banquette- ‘Isotta’ by Promemoria, fabric by Dedar 3). Bath- Antonio Lupi 4). Floor- Murano Glass Mosaic 5). Mirror above the bath- Bespoke design.

Sybille de Margerie elaborates her creative concepts by mixing up the most profound uniqueness of spaces conferred to her. To transcribe an atmosphere or an experience intrinsically linked to the environment or the history of a place, she uses key words like culture, emotion and creation. “I’m not looking to leave my imprint on everything I do, I’m more interested in revealing the soul and uniqueness of a place”. Sybille de Margerie.

Project Name: Private Chalet in Courchevel

Project Location: Courchevel

Design Company: Sybille de Margerie

Designer(s):  Sybille de Margerie

Area (square meter): 905 sq.m.

Photographer of the project: F. Rambert

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