Quaich- Whisky Store by Lagranja Design

September 15, 2016

Quaich- Most people don’t know what a Quaich is, and we weren’t experts either. Traditionally used to taste whisky, we started the project by sculpting one of these concave tools out of solid oak and then designed and manufactured a signature one in porcelain, reinventing its usual silver or pewter constitution.

Now, under South Beach’s Norman Foster towers, one hundred of Quaich pieces are showcased behind the brand new whisky house’s crystal wall. They anticipate and iconize the last interior design project that the widely awarded multidisciplinary firm Lagranja Design has released in Singapore: the Quaich Bar.

Working as a bar and a store, Quaich contains one of the greatest whisky selections of Asia. To serve its cause, we came up with the idea of literally lightening the space with the sieved yellow light projected by whisky bottles.

Taking advantage of the wide walls that enclose the rectangular-shaped space, we turned them into white crystal light diffusers that would illuminate top-to-bottom colorless shelves of whisky bottles. When entering, the whisky-lover is welcomed with a large chrome structured wooden table employed to try the products.

Aiming to provide warmth and genuineness to the entrance’s tasting ritual, we’ve specially designed a still-shaped lamp alleging distilleries and an in-site handmade Scotland’s whisky production map. Although the space isn’t thought to be divided by usages and it actually works as one, beyond the entrance, the visitor will find place to have a distended drink and can even smoke at its rear side surrounded by a second Quaich-made crystal wall.

Along the space, the Iroko wood shelf shallows follow through the floor, perfectly matching with the carefully selected furniture. As to preserve the usual aesthetic codes that have historically dressed whisky bars, we used materials such as leather, velvet or bright stainless steel albeit updating them.

The minimal and nordic seaters consisting of custom leather stools, divans and armchairs, together with a group of high tables belong to Lagranja Collection. The Spanish studio has also specially designed for the occasion a reduced-size compact puff, distinguished by a backrest that provides unexpected comfort. The Miguel Milà designer’s ‘Cesta’ lamps round off this one-of-a-kind whisky temple.

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