Real Parque Loft

October 18, 2014

Real Parque Loft- The Loft, with 105m2, is located in the south zone from São Paulo, in a strictly residential buildings neighborhood, basically from the 80 and 90 decade. For this reason we started from a traditional compartmentalized apartment with exaggerated number of divisions and closed rooms if related to its area.

The main challenge was to open the space, bring the sense of amplitude within the existing structural limitations. In this sense, the owner, a young entrepreneur recently married was willing for profound changes and already felt attracted by the spatial characteristics of lofts as well as the contemporary aesthetic common in these cases.

The Idea of a box with just a coating, burned cement, would bring the contem interruptions and would be applied on all surfaces such as floors, walls
and ceilings. A particular care has been taken into account in choosing old and close by Oasis Blue limestone with a similar tone of cement, employed only as an alternative to cement, to be more appropriate for slabs and carved sinks.

For the owner a col suggestion of the office was the alliance of the cement and the natural and that would add value in decorative point of view. In some places such as the entrance, dining bench and the balcony seat, the Cumaru solid wood the Pau Ferro sheet, a wood with enough personality and a similar design to the Jacarandá, one of the main wood used in furniture production peak in Brazil in the 50 and 60 decade, for example.

The furniture and interior design continues with the choice of textiles as the natural linen or the distressed leather and prioritizes the warm touch and comfort always against the coldness of the cement box. The end result is a loft without excesses, spacious and extremely pleasant to live.

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