Revamped D Beirut Offices by Vick Vanlian

January 3, 2018

Vick Vanlian’s impressively revamped D Beirut offices were originally an old factory that the owners converted into artistic showrooms and offices. With neighbours such as design studios and showrooms, art galleries and a photography studio, the industrial area in which Vick Vanlian is situated is fast becoming the new Meatpacking district in Beirut.

Vick Vanlian infused the original industrial history of the building with his own signature touch of retro-pop-future. This signature style can be seen in the use of bright primary colours across the space, as well as the prevalence of cartoon figurines and characters, particularly the ‘Super Man’ mural imposed onto an original Vick Vanlian lacquered blue wall feature.

Vick Vanlian ensured that his office remained undeniably rough and industrial by choosing metal for the majority of his fixtures, whilst hanging chains suspend desks removing any need for legs, and enhancing the space’s lofty atmosphere.

The partitions are made of double-glazed glass and a metal, always adding to the industrial feel and look, while the floor is the original factory terrazzo flooring with a transparent epoxy protection.

The stripped back quality is reflected in choice items from Vick Vanlian’s Re-Fuse collection such as the Pipe Chair and Ride Me sofa, both repurposing base materials such as bike wheels and manufactured piping. This roughness presents a great contrast with the softer, pop-culture element of the office, as well as Vick Vanlian’s self-declared gentle personality, striking a perfect balance between Ying and Yang.

The 280m² space also boasts an impressive ceiling height of 4.8m, giving the office a spacious, open-plan industrial atmosphere. Bauhaus inspired lighting fixtures (designed by Vick Vanlian himself) hang down from the ceiling giving warmth, yet keeping the lofty height visually appealing. The office desks are also designed specifically for the new space, artfully combining industrial concrete with natural wood.

Vick Vanlian constructed steps to elevate the top offices, making full use of the often overlooked and neglected air space, and reinforcing the impressive sense of ‘height’. His new D Beirut offices are a perfect representation of the designer’s work: industrial and well-grounded, but with a hint of fun and animation.

Born in the Lebanese capital Beirut and of Armenian descent, Vick Vanlian have been introduced to the world of design at the age of seven though the family business (companies such as Vanlian Frères and Vanlian Lighting).

Since the studio’s conception, Vick Vanlian has completed a succession of undeniably impressive projects ranging from apartments and private residences to palaces, restaurants, clubs bars and hotels.

Vick Vanlian’s work frequently embraces and presents his vision of pop-culture today, giving him a distinctly modern edge that sets him well apart from his contemporaries. Having quickly gained success in the Middle East, Vanlian’s portfolio now boasts projects for clients.

Vick Vanlian is now one of Beirut’s distinguished and leading interior design firms, which specialise in project design, project design and furniture design. Renowned designer Vick Vanlian founded one of Beirut’s most distinguished interior design firms, Vick Vanlian gaining recognition in the European and international scene with out-of-the-ordinary and eclectic design widely influenced by pop culture.

Vick Vanlian’s unique design philosophy involves the inspired combination of different styles and eras within a space or piece: he believes that the past presents a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity; a sense of the present gives us comfort and security, and finally the crucial element of something unseen and unexpected, something out of the ordinary that gives us an impression of the future.

With every new project, Vick Vanlian shows a keen appreciation for the extraordinary. He attributes this to there being a story in his head where one picture framed in the imagination can lead to many unforeseen frontiers.

Drawing inspiration from family, travels, friends, human interactions and conversations, his avant-garde approach is exemplified in his works, which are undoubtedly eclectic, but nonetheless timelessly luxurious. His passion, open-mindedness and determination mean for the designer, anything and everything is possible, without a hint of limitations.

Vick Vanlian’s work frequently embraces and presents his vision of pop-culture today, giving him a distinctly modern edge that sets him well apart from his contemporaries.

Project Name:  Revamped D Beirut Offices

Project Location:  Beirut

Project type:   Artistic Showrooms & Offices

Interior Architecture Designer:   Vick Vanlian,

Project Area:   280m²

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