Rue Lincoln Apartment by Gerard Faivre

January 5, 2017

Rue Lincoln Apartment- Gérard Faivre Paris, creator of the Art Homes concept, is revolutionizing the luxury Parisian property market. Offering high-end, ready-to-live-in apartments, his residences come complete with a full concierge service, designed and decorated as works of art to be lived in. In order to be recognized as one the most important names the luxury property market, Gérard Faivre Paris has aims to meet the high expectations of customers today, which involves combining high-end design with comfort and cutting-edge technology.

Gérard Faivre’s signature – which is simultaneously his challenge – is that he never creates the same interior twice. For him, each client is unique – and this uniqueness should be reflected in their home. He uses a blend of traditional and contemporary elements in each of his projects, aiming to surprise and charm his client. Faivre’s artistic soul and passion for his work means he always approaches a challenge head on. As inspiration fuels him and imagination empowers him, the end result is one of perfect harmony, creating an atmosphere that appeals to a broad client-base.

Paris, the City of Light, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It dazzles with its architecture, its culture and its neighborhoods of incomparable beauty. Here, it is possible to stroll along the avenues showcasing some of the most renowned fashion designers, boutiques and luxury palaces. Located on the right bank of the Seine, this neighborhood, part of the ‘Golden Triangle’ shopping mecca is recognized worldwide.

Until the late 19th century, the nobility and the Haute Bourgeoisie, recognizing the beauty of buildings and mansions in this neighborhood, made this their home. In the 20th century, the prestige of these addresses was increased as industrialists and bankers began to move to the area.The historical Christian Dior Factory in particular, a leader in the development of luxury goods, made this area the epicenter of Parisian haute couture.

The proximity of the famous Avenue Montaigne and the Champs Elysées inspires Gerard Faivre, who then harnesses this inspiration to incorporate an element of Haute Couture into his homes; making them luxurious in their setting and satisfying the needs of foreign customers – just as the grand French fashion designers did with their creations.

This Haussmann-style apartment already has many assets (spacious with high ceilings, original parquet flooring, marble fireplaces, large mirrors and moldings) but it has lost the prestige of the Parisian salons of yesteryear, where designers presented their first Haute Couture collections.

To reclaim that prestige, Gérard Faivre has revised the floor plan, and has managed to create a new layout and a perfect harmony between the majestic row of three rooms and two suites arranged around the room. Each suite consists of a bedroom, bathroom and a separate dressing room.

Haute Couture continues to be highly associated with luxury; Gérard Faivre therefore uses the finest materials which reflect this association.

  • Marble, a much coveted material, refers to creations made to be timeless . It is found in the bathrooms, on the kitchen worktop, and on the coffee tables in the lounge. To mirror this effect in the lounge Gérard Faivre installed artwork representing marble and its timeless elements.
  • Glass and crystal captures light beautifully: used with hanging lights and wall lamps, in perfume bottles and door knobs.
  • Leather: sofas, bed.
  • Mirrors are essential in an apartment such as this to reflect the beauty of a Haute Couture creation. Mirrors can be found in various pieces of custom made furniture including a pedestal table, the doors of a dresser are covered by this sumptuous mirror, surrounded with diamond-shape sandblasted liserai.

Gérard Faivre also subtly evokes haute couture through the fabrics and wall paper that make up the walls, sofas, armchairs and wardrobe – acting like a second skin. The lounge area is decorated by Gerard Faivre with fabric reminiscient of the Coco Chanel tailors. The colours, inspired by the preferred colour schemes of the Grand Couturiers (black, white, gray, beige) creates an impression of chic elegance and sobriety.

The designs: The ‘Houndstooth’ made timeless by the likes of Chanel and Dior, lace (reminiscent of Balenciaga or Chantal Thomas), geometric shapes on the chairs and sandblasted wardrobes with diamond liserai décor; a patterned mirror on the head boards of the bed. Moldings with silver accents accentuate the elegance of the apartment.

Through conceptual art including decorative objects, Gérard Faivre is able to make his inspired designs flow with consistency from one room to another. The paintings contribute to the haute couture sentiment of the apartment, highlighting the woman and the precious fabrics that are at the centre of creation. The sculptures are consistent with the theme, some as the natural folds of fabric, others symbolize fashion accessories, corsets, hats and dresses. Finally, fur coats created by a talented designer are displayed in the apartment.

Gérard Faivre has designed the main entry to reflect a hallway from a house of Haute Couture, setting the tone with mirrors, carpet with ‘houndstooth’ pattern, mannequins and a padded leather ottoman. From this elegant entrance hall one can access all the different areas of the apartment.

3 successive rooms bathed in natural light permeate the theme of Haute Couture. Gérard Faivre has expressed this theme in contemporary form in the furniture chosen, by the materials that cover certain sofas (velvet, mirrors, fabric with motifs often used by fashion designers), by the lights and the careful choice of every object and sculpture. The ambiance of the apartment is similar to that of the ateliers of Haute Couture; it is both luxurious and innovative, and reinforces the idea that each unique piece is a work of art in it’s own right.

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