Sao Paulo Apartment by FCstudio

September 12, 2016

The project of Sao Paulo apartment with 1.056 square meters, located in São Paulo city – Brazil and developed in 2016, has considered two main points:

Potencialize an important view to the Pinheiros river valley, with an impressive skyline of the city and a clear spatial integration between the different areas.

The integrated area forms a great space containing furniture chosen and / or developed by FCstudio. In order to make this integration really happen, the studio thoroughly took care of the material, chromatic, texture, etc. to create a connection between the pieces and give a clear identity to all project areas.

Wood, stone and wood are very presents in the composition, almost like witnesses to the truth of the materials, showing its truth, unadorned.

Sao Paulo’s apartment has considered it surroundings(views), the references of the clients and translated it all this in interior architecture, working with quality and sustainability design (certified furniture).

São Paulo apartment

Year: 2016

Location: Jardim Panorama, SP, Brazil

Areaproject: 1.056m²

Developed by FCstudio and PSA

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