Shaam-E-Avadh by Pomegranate Designs

November 13, 2014


Dining out is not only about food. It is also about socializing, celebrations and organizing special events. A good meal seems more appetizing when paired with appealing furniture, luxurious finishes and inviting lightings.

Shaam-E-Avadh, A 2,500 sqft fine dining restaurant famous for their authentic Avadhi cuisines is located in the heart of Baroda – R.C dutt road, Alkapuri.

The owners Mr. and Mrs. Shrivastava wanted to renovate their existing space in a way that would bring out an essence of a pleasant Avadhi evening. That being our brief, our aim was to design a space using Avadhi ornamental elements with a touch of contemporary aesthetics to bring the brand to life.

We decided to craft the interiors and layout carefully to optimize customer flow and provide a nawabi environment to dine while keeping it clean, inviting and offering an open feel.

So, as you enter through a lush green lobby adorned with a row of densely planted palms, a juice bar welcomes you to the main dining area.

Behind the juice bar hangs a striking installation in the backdrop made from circular metal plates called Tava, which is an integral part of Indian cooking.

By hanging a number of tavas together in a row, all painted in hammer-toned copper, the installation creates a bold textural effect of jali that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Synthetic solid surface is used to craft intricate jalis for the partition screens that stand tall in the dinning area, as a counter-tops for reception and mock tail bar units and as a half cut – back lit glow panel that brightens up the juice bar.

The solid wood table with oriental handcrafted legs painted in semi matte ivory PU is complimented by comfortable upholstered dining chairs. Together they set the tone for a pleasant royal evening.

Soft sheer curtains at the specially designed family lounge area with lush green palms besides it have become a distinctive feature of the restaurant.

Since the client wanted to retain their existing false ceiling, we painted the sunken area of the ceiling in geranium red and added a panel of hand cut jali in contrast colour right below it to bring out an Avadhi charm. Handcrafted mosaic lamps made in glass added a perfect amount of glamour to the overall ambiance.


Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Shrivastava, Shaam-E-Avadh, Baroda

Photography: Tejas Shah Photography, Baroda

Firm: Pomegranate Designs-

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