Snog – Pure Frozen Yogurt

August 12, 2012

Snog – the first frozen yogurt brand to hit British shores – an exciting new retail concept with a bold name and brand

Information from the designers:

From the outset, it was important that the brand didn’t fall into the conventions of the sector, and that it had a personality and a visual look that was unique. The name is derived from ‘Snow & Yogurt’ and is the perfect solution for a young, urban, British brand. Having a memorable, quirky name gave the brand an incredibly important asset and informed the entire creative direction. Bright colours and a pop approach to typography complete the brand.


Selling a frozen product in winter could have proved difficult, making the stores a celebration of ‘endless summer’ proved to be the simple solution. We worked with the client and lighting designers Cinimod to create unique retail spaces that are inviting and unashamedly fun.

Snog’s personality perfectly translated online and into social media. From the outset they were keen to invest in digital media, and we helped them develop a strategy to effectively leverage their brand online.

Designers : eco design

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