SP Gallery by KdnD Studio

July 19, 2017

SP Gallery- Sales gallery for developers launching new projects are now mandatory. They include lounges & meeting rooms to inter space with potential buyers. The ambiance created is often a peak into the project launched.

The gallery also showcases show flats of prototypes they intend to sell. The entire amenity of the show flat is to “WOW” the buyer with the potential of its spaces. This is a sales gallery with 2 show flats.

SP Gallery was done in KdnD Studio LLP

Partners: -Ar Annand Menon, Ar Shobhan Kothari & Ar Kiran Kapadia

Completion year: 2016 Area: 15000 Sqft, Location: Mumbai – Maharashtra

Credits for photography-Sebastian Zachariah

Web site: www.kdnd.in

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