Suszarnia from Pastel Collection by Karina Wiciak

October 14, 2015

“Suszarnia” (which in Polish means “drying room”) is the third project of the “Pastel Collection” (after the first pink project “Sypialnia” and second blue project “Myjnia”), entirely designed by Karina Wiciak.

“Pastel Collection” consist of 4 thematic interior designs, designed in pastel colors, together with furniture and fittings, which in each part is interconnected, not only in terms of style, but also by name, as in the previous collection “XII”.

Like in collection “XII”, these interiors are not made to a specific order, but designs based on the author’s fantasy and his fascinations of various sorts.

The author’s assumption is not to create trite, fashionable interiors, but non-standard places, at the borderline between architecture and scenography.

The third part “Suszarnia” was designed in a delicate yellow color, which occurs mainly on the floor (simulation of sand) and on the yellow-golden curtains and palms. The project, like previous part “Sypialnia” and “Myjnia” is slightly sweet and childish.

This is not another weighty project for serious people, but whimsical and humorous. A very important element of the decor, which fits the theme of desert, are large and irregular stone blocks, which are often present in the buildings near desert.

The design is heavily inspired by the theme of the desert, so here are also lamps in the shape of the sun and moon, which are clearly visible there. As in previous projects of this collection, this restaurant also  has a unique name.

The “Suszarnia” project also includes:

– table, chair and hoker “skalny” (which in Polish means “rocky”)

– hanging lamps “słońce” and “księżyc” (which in Polish means “sun” and “moon”)

Suszarnia designed by Karina Wiciak

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