TBWA\HAKUHODO by Canuch Inc.

June 7, 2017

TBWA\HAKUHODO- “Through the play of light and dark, shadows facilitate the perception of dimensionality. Dimensionality then forms a sense of space through a succession of shadows.” The shadows are a creative element of the design that functions to give shape to things, an element that fosters associations with “the beginning of a new world.”

In order to enhance the client’s ability to create this new world, the TBWA\HAKUHODO creative team’s design planning represents the interior as a stage where the “beginning of things” come into being.

Working with a color scheme in line with the client’s brand colors and a latent arrangement of elements in their logo, the office layout presents a flat lineup of sharp, light, aluminum desks, arranged so as to stimulate collaboration between planners and designers.

Tailored to the brand colors, the design and layout serve to produce the mindset of the company’s creatives. The design aims for a neutral, monochromatic creative environment.

Location : Tokyo – Japan
Date of Completion : 2017/04/30
Principal Use : OFFICE
Furniture : Cassina / harmanmiller / Vitra / inter office
Total Floor Area : 515.07㎡(5544.264sq.ft.)5F

Name of designer or designer office:
Canuch Inc.
Yosuke Kinoshita
Yuusuke Noguchi

Photo by Nacasa & Partners

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