The Big Kick by Volker Haug Studio

April 3, 2018

The Big Kick: Part of the Step & Kick series, the Big Kick is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional “cord and bulb pendant”. Combining structural lines with refined materials and craftsmanship, its design minimizes materiality while maximizing presence. The Studio have added another member to the Step & Kick family – a statement in itself. Asymmetrical, adaptable and unobtrusive, the Big Kick is unique to each interior because its dimensions are configurable to each space it inhabits. Client-directed customization is at the forefront of the design process.

By eliminating superfluous elements traditionally associated with decorative lighting and by consciously reducing material wastage, the Big Kick is the embodiment of minimalist design principles. For Volker Haug Studio, the biggest challenge was to reach the visual and physical balance that made the Step & Kick series successful, finding the perfect proportion between function and aesthetic. Brass was chosen for its rigidity, durability and versatility of finish; whilst the design itself stays static, the substrate has the ability to age and change.

The Big Kick is fabricated using a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing processes. All components are prepared, assembled and finished by hand in their Melbourne studio. Volker Haug Studio will show key pieces from their award winning Step & Kick series alongside new releases specially designed for the 2018 Milan Fair. The Big Kick can be viewed at Via Cesare Correnti 14 in the heart of Milan’s 5VIE from the 17th to the 22nd of April.

About Volker Haug Studio: It is an international lighting design practice based in Brunswick East Melbourne. The interdisciplinary design team and in-house workshop collaborate on lighting across architectural scales and contexts. After founding his practice in 2005, German-born Volker Haug has established a distinct aesthetic that is sculptural and intuitive. The studio assembles each product by hand, with a focus on materiality producing a customized finish and approach.

Product: The Big Kick (Part of the Step & Kick series)

Type:  Cord and Bulb Pendant

Design Studio:  Volker Haug Studio

Location:  Melbourne

Showcase at:  Milan Fair 2018

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